Andrea Vaccarella

Computer Engineer. UX Expert. CEO @Fluxedo for 2+ years.



Asking “how” and “why” is a good way to understand.

Forward Thinking

There’s always at least a solution. Or we are in one of these cases.


Some called me smart in the past, I don’t want to disappoint..


I’m a problem solver. And a quick one too

My Expertise

I started working on websites during high school (HMTL 3.0). Got better and a solid background in college – Computer Engineer. Master Thesis in Multi-domain result-set diversification (full thesis here). Worked at Foster Wheeler as Project Control Engineer, grasped the basics of Project Mgmt., went to work for a video game company, polished my skills in web design & development (pixel perfect). Won a Google scholarship in 2013 and learnt about Digital Marketing, Online Advertising and Digital Transformation. Founded Fluxedo Srl and worked as CEO (UX, proj. mgmt, finance, team building, investors relationships). Improving on Neural Marketing and now Machine Learning.

  • Digital Marketing 85% 85%
  • Brand Strategy 80% 80%
  • User Experience 99% 99%
  • App Development 60% 60%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%
  • Digital Trasformation 80% 80%
  • Web Design & Development 90% 90%
Andrea Vaccarella

Andrea Vaccarella

UX expert.

Born in Italy, love to travel.
Trying to understand and learn as much as I can.

Born in Italy in 1986.
Studied Computer Engineer at Politecnico di Milano, got a Master Degree in 2010 (110L)
Won a Google – Unioncamere Scholarship in 2013.
Asked to be ‘Technical Mentor’ the following year for the 2014 scholarship winners.
Founded a company (Fluxedo) in 2014, managed it as CEO for 2+ years.
Working as a private consultant for companies and public sector.

Technology Passionate: Web, UX & UI Design, Business Strategy, Project Management.

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