Bits of Thoughts

I've done it again.

I'm always trying to best myself, but old habits are hard to die. I'm sitting here, re-writing the website, trying to figure out the best way to structure it, whereas to keep it as simple as possible, blog-style, include machine learning or not. And while I'm reading interesting articles about this and that, I lose track for a moment of the reality underneath: time. I should focus on how to save time while re-writing it instead of learning how to improve microscopic aspects of it. Simple example: I'm writing it directly in the code, and every page is a normal html page. Sure, I already have an entire wordpress site up and running, while should I bother writing first hand the code? And also, why in HTML? I know php, I should use all the imports I could get. Indeed, for many projects I've already built "dynamic" websites, as some stakeholders love to call it. Authentication, Menu, Contact, Db. Everything. And a part of me wants to dig deeper in backbone and other scaffolding fun things (who doesn't love a good bootstrap when it's time?). And yet again I don't want to overcomplicate this website. Wants to keep it as simple as possible. Just a place to write things down. Even know I'd love to write about the extra crispy information from this excellent medium article on Machine Learning , and still I'm here spending time thinking about how can I build a system that saves time when writing links (simple recognition using regex). What should I do? A single blog used only as a repository for interesting articles with my thought on this and that, or an uglier website used to experiment as much as possible and see how to build this and that instead?
Decisions. Decisions.

Luckily for me, I know I'm lazy enough I'd think about destroying everything from the second time I have to modify something in the menu or anywhere else I know I could have avoided by building it dynamically.
It's a weird way of being lazy, you do more work in order to save stupid, repetitive work. Ever had the feeling you are wasting your life in useless actions while copy/pasting a menu from a static html page to another? Ever wanted to destroy the entire project just because you change a name in the menu of a page and now you have to modify every page of the website? Well, I have. And never again. So..
The first problem solved itself.

I'll build a dynamic website. No, I am not wasting time, my goal is to learn in the making, there will be no value in using a CMS as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or anything in between (read above), Maybe I'll try directly in React, Backbone, Ember or Angular. Not sure, I'm building a website, not a webapp. In the meantime, we all have to adapt. I'll keep it as simple as possible

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